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To be Financially Free, Get Out of The “Chakravyuh”

Learn it the best, by playing “Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh” game!

I personally believe that spreading knowledge that you have acquired is the best gift you can give to the society. Through my articles, I have constantly attempted to give you something new & valuable to make you comfortable in the complex world of investments. Apart from writing articles, I also conduct “investor education seminars”. Last month, I came across one more interesting way of making my dear investors understand how to handle their investments in a better way i.e. by playing a board game named, “Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh.” I found it; by far the most effective way to impart financial literacy, because, learning with playing unlocks one’s thinking pattern and potential.


How will playing a game help? Today’s education system is designed to enable an individual to get a job & work in a limited pattern with specialized skill or knowledge. This results in a particular life style of daily slogging to earn enough money to manage our monthly expenses and strive to raise our standard of living, while we save some of the money for future. Thus we entangle ourselves in a sort of “Chakkravyuh” that we find difficult to break. The purpose of this game is making people aware about their behavior pattern related to finance. It brings a massive change in player’s attitude and mindset towards money.

The game gives you an opportunity to make simulated, real-life decisions and deal with the consequences. There are two stages to the game: 1. Chakkravyuh and 2. Raj Marg. You start in the ‘Chakkravyuh’ with a salary and normal expenses, based on the character (doctor, teacher, accountant etc.) you choose. At this point, you also choose a dream (buying Rolls Royce car or starting a cancer aid centre etc.) on the Raj Marg, something that is wishful thinking for the “aam aadmi”. Your basic objective, in the first stage is to increase your ‘passive’ income to more than your expenses. Passive income is income in the form of dividends from shares or mutual funds or rent from property, basically such income that is generated on its own out of the investments you make. Once your passive income is more than your expenses, you are out of the “Chakkravyuh”. You then get onto the ‘Raj Marg’ where you can win the game if you buy your selected dream or increase your cash flow by more than Rs. 15 lakh from big businesses that you buy there.

In a span of 4 hours, this game can helps you to find your real being. Even in the case of bankruptcy, you will be able to start a new beginning and win the game by breaking your Chakkravyuh. This game continuously requires you to update your balance sheet thereby helping you to measure your financial progress. By playing this game your mind will be trained such that in real life you will start seeing opportunities, which you were missing till now.

Few take-a-ways from the game are:


  • Having a High Income Does Not Mean You Are Wealthy: Normally, people with high income have high expenses, thanks to their high standard of living. So, chances are you may end up with little surplus at the end of the month. Unless you turn that cashflow into income producing assets, you will have a hard time getting out of the Chakkravyuh. Thus one can be an ordinary teacher and can beat a doctor.
  • Every Event In Your Life Impacts Your Cash Flow: Lose your job.  Have a baby.  Go on a shopping spree.  Invest in small/big nivesh schemes.  Donate to charities.  They all impact your cash flow. However, they don’t have to stop you from building your asset and minimizing your liabilities. You still have the power to determine how it impacts you.
  • The More You Play The Game of Money, The More You Recognize Opportunities Around You: The more you learn about what’s possible, the more you are able to expand your consciousness and focus on those opportunities.  By taking advantage of those opportunities, you give your self a chance to gain your own financial freedom.

The game is conceptualized on books “Corporate Chanakya” and “Kautilya’s Arthashastra” to make each and every individual realize his/her full potential to earn abundantly. In the game, sutras from Arthashastra are used to educate individuals to become financially literate so that they can create wealth and happiness in their lives and people around them. The method of learning in the game is very simple: Play – Learn – Apply.

It’s not just a game, it’s a revolution. This is a simplified format to understand finance in modern world. It’s about the financial revolution that India is being part of, and to learn and be part of it you should play the game. Rather, you should spread the word to as many people as possible about this wonderful and interesting concept of learning to be financial free!

|| sa šrîh wah avyãt || (May that wealth protect you all!)


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One thought on “To be Financially Free, Get Out of The “Chakravyuh”

  1. Kunal Rambhia on said:

    Good morning sir,
    Very beautiful article. Thumbs up!
    Would definitely love to read “Corporate Chanakya” and even “Kautilya’s Arthashastra”
    Sir, please tell me one thing, when do u get the time to do all these stuffs?
    Managing your business, teaching, writing articles, additional reading and also studying? Sir it’s a humble request to kindly write something on how to manage and best utilize this “Limited Time?” I am sure that something written in this direction would really help us all.
    Have a great time ahead !
    Kind Regards,
    Kunal Rambhia

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